Art Merit Badge at UD Gallery and the Cube (2013-01-03)

For the first meeting of  2013 Kyal introduced a new Merit Badge for Art. We wanted to start at the University of Delaware  Virtual Art Gallery that featured Andy Warhol, but the sim crashed upon our arrival. After meeting back at the hall we decided to split into two groups in case the sim went down again. One group started at the Cube gallery that has 2D and 3D works of art and the other went to the UD Gallery when it came back online. The snapshots by Warhol of some famous people like Wayne Gretzky were very interesting and at the end of the meeting Billy C. decided to get up on a podium and strike up some artistic poses. At the the end of the meeting we displayed some out our very own pieces of art back at the hall.

Ready to visit the galleries or crash a sim?

UD Art Gallery just before it went down

The Cube Art Gallery

Billy striking up a pose

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