Tucker’s Journalism/Blogging Merit Badge Post

A Scout’s Reflections
by Tucker Valdor

So I’m new with all this blogging stuff…and I’m new to Scouts, too. Well….compared to lots of you other scouts! I’ve only got a handful of merit badges and still don’t know that many of you….yet. Last November, I attended the “Climb on Safely” course with the scouts. We learned all about climbing and carabiners, helmets and harnesses. It was great fun! There was laughing and joking, and I don’t think anybody fell off the side of the mountain. It’s fun stuff…doing these merit badges. But the cool thing is….I’m actually LEARNING something while I’m doing them! The other day, I learned about nuclear reactors and stuff. Not just SL stuff…REAL LIFE stuff about them! Today, I participated in the emergency preparedness activity. It was really AWESOME! I learned a TON! So…I have a confession. I used to do these things for the badge. You know…something to put on my sash so I looked cool and like I was a REAL SCOUT. But now…it’s different. I go to these things to really EXPERIENCE them…to learn more… to fellowship with my scout buddies…to hang out with my brother…That badge? Well…it’s just an added bonus! So… for all you scouts out there…Come on! Let’s learn stuff together! Life is a journey…and it’s not about the destination. Let’s just enjoy the ride!

Tucker after his climbing lesson.

Tucker and family at the Sept. Court of Honor

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