Compass Navigation Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata (2013-06-13)

Tonight we had an exciting event. Kyal taught us how to navigate in SL using a SL compass.

Compass Navigation, the use of map and compass to find locations and plan a journey, has been a vital skill for humans for thousands of years. Orienteering is also a recognized sport at the Olympic Games, and thousands of people participate in the sport each year in local clubs and competitions.

Compass Navigation is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in unfamiliar terrain. Boy Scouts can learn all about orienteering when they earn their Compass Navigation Merit Badge.

Kito was our first scout using these tools and he did an awesome job. Kyal was great at explaining this very clearly. As a result, we never sent a rescue team to find lost scouts.

Kyal showing us the history and instructions on Compass navigation.

Scouts making a file to start their navigation on-hands training.

Kyal counting the scouts to make sure nobody got lost

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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    This was quite impressive and glad everyone loved the HUD!

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