Citizenship in SL Merit Badge at the SL Historical Museum and Governor Linden’s Mansion (2014-01-09)

Tonight Chris took the troop to the SL Historical Museum ( and then to Governor Linden’s Mansion (

As Scouts fulfill the requirements for this merit badge, they will learn how to become active virtual citizens. Also, aware of and grateful for the contributions of those that came before us.

Second Life is a patchwork of communities that differ from each other and may be governed differently. But regardless of how Sim communities differ, they all have one point in common: Government means self-government within the TOS guidelines. Good virtual citizens help to make decisions about their community and put their talents to make the virtual world a better and more enjoyable place.

The troop gathers around Chris to learn about the history of SL

Scout inspect the original SL avatar

Chris giving a tour of Governor Linden’s mansion to the scouts

Welcome to the two newest scouts to Kawabata Camp!






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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    I heard the parties at the Governor’s Mansion rivaled what goes on in Justin Bieber’s house!

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