Comic Book Merit Badge at Metropia Superhero Museum (2014-01-05)

We met at camp in our favorite super hero costumes and ready to learn more about the wonderful world of Comic books and super heroes. Teddy lead the Scout “Justice League” to the Metropia Superhero Museum (
We learned the history of some of the superheroes and we all got a chance to make our own costume and a superhero of our own.
It was a well-planned and fun day/night at the Museum. WE pose next to our favorite super heroes in our cool outfits.

Teddy wearing his Grilled Cheese Superhero costume

Scouts arriving at the museum in their favorite superhero costumes


Scouts reading their favorite comic mags




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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Looks like some Super Heroes with powers I wouldn’t want to mess with!

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