Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge (2013-12-08)

We all met at Camp Kawabata and headed to the Bailey sim to learn about Winter Safety. We participated in the “Grandma’s Birthday Blizzard exercise.
For those that plan to travel during the holidays in the snow, it was a nice refresher on what to bring along and how to solve common driving problems.
It also reminded some of us why we moved to no-snow areas too. And it was a reminder on why driving licenses are only given to older kids (smile) But it was an excellent training to follow our motto “Be Prepared”.
The scouts had a chance to help Grandma on a health issue and then we all had a great time at her birthday party with cake and hot chocolate. The scouts again saved the day!

Scouts driving their caddies to get supplies and gasoline

Some scouts decided to walk on the snow

All scouts arriving for the B-day party. The cake was great!

Inside the party place was warm and all had a great time. Grandma was very thankful to her scouts




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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    That’s some interesting parking at the party :)

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