Graphic Arts Merit Badge at Printer’s Devil Project (2014-01-16)

The field of graphic arts includes many kinds of work in the printing and publishing industries. Graphic arts professionals are involved in the creation of all kinds of printed communication, from business cards to books to billboards. The scope of printing communications is huge.

Tonight Chris took us to Western University 1 Sim to learn at the Printer’s Devil Project (

At that location we learn about the evolution and history of the printing media.  We got to print our own document and we appreciated more how difficult was to print documents in the old days.

Scouts gather around Chris for tonight’s meeting

A busy night at the Printer’s Devil Project with scouts taking turns reading the history of printing

Scouts learning how to use an old printing press. No fingers were hurt

Scouts taking a break from the busy night at the printing press




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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    I enjoyed seeing everyone get a sheet after they used the press. Takes a lot longer than a photocopier but so much more rewarding!

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