Indian Lore Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata (2013-11-17)

Tonight Teddy took the troop to a special part of the camp to participate of the Indian Lore (Santi was awesome telling us the Native American stories).

Several of the scouts dressed in Native American outfits to honor the sacred traditions. Kids really enjoyed learning about our Aboriginal/Indigenous/Native cultures and their stories.

Far different from the stereotypes or common images that are portrayed on film, on television, and in many books and stories, American Indians have many different cultures, languages, religions, styles of dress, and ways of life. To learn about these different groups is to take an exciting journey of discovery in which you will meet some of America’s most fascinating peoples.

Scouts gather around Teddy for tonight’s activity

Scouts around the campfire listen attentively to Santi and the Native American stories

It was dark when the last stories were told. Making the evening more magical

A scared scout watching and listening from his tent



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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Santi tells good stories!

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