Law Merit Badge at USQ Island Law School (2013-11-10)

Earning this merit badge enables a Scout to learn about the history and kinds of laws, the purpose and methods of law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, emerging law, and careers in the legal profession.

Chris educated the trop on the various positions in a court of law and the due process. Afterwards we traveled to USQ Island Law School ( and did a mock up trial of poor SpongeBob who committed a crime against fashion by altering a pair of pants and then try to return them.

It would be an understatement to say the lawyers were superb! And the role of SpongeBob, the bailiff, his deputy and all others was wonderful and entertaining. Oscars for all! The Jury was not a hang jury and delivered an impartial sentence.  All lawyers were compensated properly as well.

Scouts gather around Chris to head to the SpongeBob trial

Very sharp and aggressive lawyers showed their skills in defense and prosecution

The jury was not moved and made a quick and impartial decision. All ropes were put back in the closet

The verdict was reached!





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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    That looks like one tense jury!

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