Mammal Study Merit Badge at Oasis Zoo (2013-11-07)

A mammal may weigh as little as 1/12 ounce, as do some shrews, or as much as 150 tons, like the blue whale. It may spring, waddle, swim, or even fly. But if it has milk for its young, has hair of some kind, is relatively intelligent, and has warm blood, then it is a mammal.

Tonight Chris taught us about mammals and later we headed out to the Oasis Zoo at Cascade Coast (

This walk-through zoo displays animals and enables us to see first hand how animals live and interact with each other. There is a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

No scouts were caught feeding the animals.  All scouts respected the “Do not Feed the Animals” signs.

Scouts gather to learn about mammals from Chris

Scouts reading and observing the behavior of Sea Lions

A penguin observing the scouts in their cage?

Polar bear deciding which scout will make a good snack



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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Some kids did get into the Elephant enclosure.. but thankfully they are herbivores.

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