National History Merit Badge at The Cenotaph and The Alamo (2013-11-14)

Today Chris took us to see the Alamo ( A wonderful sim with detailed information on the Alamo heritage.

Every Scout swears to an oath that includes duty to his country. A better understanding of our national heritage, the ways in which the past has led to our present nations, is key to truly knowing what it means to be a citizen in our countries.

As Scouts fulfill the requirements for this merit badge, they will learn how to become active citizens are aware of and grateful for their liberties and rights, to participate in their governments and protect their freedom, helping to defend their country and standing up for individual rights on behalf of all its citizens..

Two scout laws applied in this special trip in honor of Remembrance/Veterans Day:

A scout is Loyal to his country

A scout is reverent

The troop also traveled to The Cenotaph in Whitehall, London and learn about the sacrifices for freedom by the Europeans.  We each got a Poppy flower to wear in remembrance of their sacrifices.

Scouts gather at camp getting their gear ready for tonight’s trip

Scouts honoring the fallen at the Cenotaph (Whitehall, London)

Scouts visit the Alamo in Texas

Scouts examine the detailed history at the Alamo


A scout takes the Scout oath at camp! welcome new scout!




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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Everytime I visit the Alamo I still get moved by all the emotions contained within, even if it just is a recreation.

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