Personal Management Merit Badge at University Idaho CALS Sim (2013-12-19)

Personal management is about mapping a plan for your life that will involve setting short-range and long-range goals and investigating different ways to reach those goals. Education, training, and experience all help make your goals become a reality. To achieve your goals, you will choose the best path and make a commitment to it, while remaining flexible enough to deal with changes and new opportunities.

Tonight Chris took the troop to the University Idaho CALS Sim ( to learn about personal finance management for this brand new SL merit badge.

We used a HUD and picked a career and then made decisions on investment, purchases and various expenses including vacations.

Some scouts were richer than Bill Gates and some were singing in the corner of the sim so see if any other scout could spare a Linden dime.

Scouts gather around Chris during the Christmas season to learn about personal finance management.

Scouts arrive at sim and quickly start learning about personal management

Scouts learn about fiances in a peaceful garden environment. No financial bees stung the scouts

Scouts choosing professions. Sadly Scoutmaster was not there since it is a non-paid position

No! the scouts are not assaulting the bank! They are opening bank accounts

Making car decisions between a 1976 Ford Pinto or a 2011 Dodge Ram. Hmmm hard decisions





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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Some people were saying the Ford Pinto selection wasn’t working… I think the creators were saving you from an untimely death.

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