Radio Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata and at the UW iSchool sim (2013-11-24)

Radio is a way to send information, or communications, from one place to another. Broadcasting includes both one-way radio (a person hears the information but can’t reply) as well as two-way radio (where the same person can both receive and send messages).

Chris and the leadership took the troop into two groups in our sim with previous instructions on how to establish radio communications and then we experimented in radio receiving and broadcasting to other scouts.

Later we visited the UW iSchool ( to learn the history of commercial radio broadcasting and how it has evolved.

Now it makes more sense how those wonderful radio shows were made and why they were so popular.

Scouts gather to receive instructions from Chris on tonight’s merit badge

Chris telling scout group A “No! we are not here to fish today! Establish communication with group B via radio”

Scouts at point B excited to receive radio communications

Scouts studying the history of Radio broadcasting

Scout oath ceremony to admit new scouts. Welcome scouts to the best Scout group in the grid!






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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    We didn’t get as many “Convoy” jokes as last time!

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