Snow Sports Merit Badge at Calas Galadhon Park (2013-12-12)

Skiing and snowboarding are the fastest and most thrilling ways to travel on foot in snow country. These sports also provide the physical benefits of fresh air, rhythmic action, and strenuous exercise. Many games and contests give snow sports variety and added rewards.
Since there is more snow on the ground in RL and in SL, we went to a nice relaxing Cross Country skiing.
We also learned the many types of injuries that could occur in cross country skiing as well as learned some basic tips for fast action in case of avalanches.

After the lesson, Chris took the troop on a cross country skiing trip to Calas Galadhon Park (  It was a cold place but thanks to our previous week lesson on Emergency preparedness we brought the right gear for the event.

Scouts gather for the meeting in a cold evening

Scouts arriving at the park and getting their ski gear

Scouts enjoying the night cold air cross country skiing

The troop waiting to make sure all scouts are accounted before heading home





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  1. Christian Welles Says:

    We lost some on the sim crossings, but none due to frost bite!

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