Traffic Safety Merit Badge at the Cascade Hall and at the NordKueste Sim (2013-12-15)

Staying safe in traffic wherever you live is getting more difficult all the time, as more and more people take to the road. Earning the Traffic Safety merit badge and will give Scouts some crucial tools to stay safer, when driving a car on a highway, riding a bike across town, or jogging across a busy street.

Teddy gathered the troop tonight at the Cascade Hall and taught us the 4 types road symbol signs used.

After this, we watched a video on the importance of safety belt as well as other safety devices in cars. Then we watched a second video on learning how to make a car as safe as possible for us to drive or ride.

Afterwards, we went to the NordKueste Sim ( and rode our bikes applying our knowledge of traffic safety on the road.

Yes, bicycles also create rush traffic

Scouts use all means of transportation to learn about traffic safety



2 Responses

  1. Christian Welles Says:

    Was Eric in the middle to test his traffic directing skills?

  2. christianwelles Says:

    I think Eric was trying to keep away from underage drivers with no licenses to drive. Better safe than a road kill.

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