Fishing Merit Badge on Lake Flannery

The cubs and scouts gathered at camp for a pleasant afternoon fishing at Camp Kawabata. Billy started with an introduction to fishing, the types of bait and rods and explained how the Scouts Leave No Trace principles apply to fishing. After everyone got the rods and bait we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon fishing on the dock. The fishing was quite good and Santi even told me he has enough to serve in his parents restaurant !

Billy going over the basics of fishing

Cub and Scouts ready with their tackle boxes!

First catch of the day!

Cub Scouts aren’t afraid to get their feet wet

Zombie Defense and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

The scouts and cubs learned a new skill, surviving in a post -apocalyptic world when zombies roam the world. We started the afternoon with an introduction ans safety lesson in a popular zombie hunting tool: the shotgun. After the learning how to use them Billy gave a quick run down which places are best defend from zombies, and most of us decided scout camp would the top place to do so. With that in mind we took to the beach to chase down some zombies with our newly learned skills. Some of the scouts donned more primitive weapons such as bows and arrows but we were very effective cutting the hoarde down as a group. No one got bit and at the end of the night we took great pride in keeping the camp safe.


Billy going over the shotgun safety class

The beach getting overrun by zombie and blood!

Billy on the M2

Swimming Merit Badge at Camp

It’s been a scorching start to the summer in most states and what better way to cool off than swimming! The Scouts of Second Life introduced a swimming merit badge for the swimming area we had finished a while ago. The lesson started off with an introduction to a safe swim defense plan under the guise of the Camp Lifeguard. All the scouts then lined up on the dock for their swimming test, and Chris was very happy to report ALL cubs and scouts completed the swimmer requirements! Some of the Tiger Cubs had some initial fears jumping off the dock but they eventually mounted  the courage to swim out. Scouts were then asked to find a swim buddy and add their swim tags to the board. The final requirements were to pick up an object on the bottom of the lake bed and float on the surface of the water. Congrats to everyone who earned a badge, it’ll be very useful this summer!

Scouts listening to the safe swim defense plan before a dip in the water

Ardy demonstrating treading water before climbing back up

Even the Tiger Cubs has to the swim 75 feet and they all passed!

Demonstrating back floats

Archery Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata

Kyal introduced a new Merit Badge, the Archery Merit Badge to the Troop/Pack. We started with a quick safety lesson on how to keep safe on the archery range, which made sure none of us took an arrow to the knee. After the lesson we were taken to the new Archery Area Kyal had setup and were issued our bows and quivers. Kyal recommended we practice first before starting the competition so we used the secondary targets on the side. The competition was friendly and in our idle time we had fun talking about music and running away from the cockroaches in Timber’s pocket. After ten rounds of shooting “Bullseye” Bingo emerged the victor by a substantial margin! Thanks Kyal for an awesome night.

Archery Range Safety Class

Archery Practice and getting used to holding the bows

Niki to the mark

Teddy taking aim

Timber  in archery form

Fire Safety Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata

Chris taught the Fire Safety Merit Badge to a bunch of new scouts who weren’t around for the last Fire Safety Class. The meeting was so popular we had some problems with lag and accessing the trucks. Luckily we made do and saw the new mesh Astaro Fire Trucks, the Fire Engine and Tanker. The Cubs and Scouts learned about the different types of fire trucks, fires, and the gear fire fighters wear. After getting extinguishers from the truck we fought some fires and learned how to connect the trucks to hydrants and hoses.

Astaro Fire Engine and Tanker

Learning about fire fighting equipment

Using extinguishers on a Class A fire

May 2012 Court of Honor

Once again Camp Kawabata hosted our friends and family to the 3rd Court of Honor to award badges and awards. Chris didn’t crash at the onset this time but we know it was lag soup out in the audience. We began the night as we traditionally do with the Scout Oath, Cub Scout Promise, Scout Vespers and  BSSL Grace. The majority of the ceremony was spent handing out badges as we have 39 now available for Cubs and Scouts to earn. Each scout that earned a badge was called up and got to have their picture taken shaking hands with the Scoutmaster. The list merit badges was long but everyone waited patiently to get their badges. After the badges were handed out the Quarterly Awards were given to:

Scout of the Quarter: Bingo
Leadership Award: Ardy Ballyhoo
Most Improved: Lesly-Star Monaron
Super Recruiter: Billybob Rhode
Attendance: Behrendt Reifsnider, Blade

The end of the night closed with a inspirational speech from Kyal about Scouting. Thanks for all the parents, family and freinds who came and for your support throughout the year!


Court of Honor and the Events Center

Ardy getting his Merit Badges

Kyal reading out the quarterly awards

Audience at the Court of Honor

Music Merit Badge at Music Row Nashville

Chris took the scouts and cubs on a trip to Nashville to learn about the roots of American Country Music. We arrived at the corner of 5th and Broadway among some of the most well known Honky Tonks on Broadway where we learned about the orgins of County Music and Nashville. After talking about Nashville we learned about the Ryman Auditorium and how it and the Grand Ole Orpy put Nashville on the map for Country Music. After we got up on stage of the Opry some of the leaders actaully sung on voice!

Ready to head of to Nashville

Arriving at on Lower Broadway

Gathered infront of the Ryman Auditorium

Learning about the Grand Ole Orpy in the Ryman, a former church

Feeling like a star on the Grand Ole Opry stage

Onstage at the Ryman

Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge – Winter

We found a new sim to do our Emergency Prepardness Merit Badge and it involved preparing for winter storms. We learned how to prepare your hom and vehicle for winter and how to deal with emergency situations like when your car gets stuck in the snow.

Learning how to use the hud at the landing point

Car stranded in the snow

Learning about winterizing your home and barn

Scuba Diving Merit Badge at Sub Oceana

The Cubs and Scouts went on a Scuba Diving trip to Sub Oceana. We arrived at the dive shop and all pluunged into to see an intricate model of a real life submarine wreck. There were some ruins along the way and several scouts and cubs found teasure chests on the ocean floor. Along the north side of the shop there was a long underwater cave which lead into a spectacular set of ruins with even more treasure chests. We’ll have to head back soon one day because we never found all the chests!

Scouts getting in their SCUBA gear

About to get wet at Suboceana

Submarine wreck

Finding a treasure chest in the ruins

Magical underwater pillar, it didn’t seem dangerous


National History Merit Badge at The Alamo

Billy took some of the cubs to The Alamo for the National History Merit Badge. We had fun learning about the Texas Revolution and talking about Davy Crockett. Congrats to everyone who earned their badge!


Read to head to Texas to the Alamo

Front of the Alamo mission

Reading about the Texas Revolution and heroes in the chapel

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