Cancer Awareness Badge at Gardens of Absentia (2013-2-3)

Teddy lead a group of scouts to the Gardens of Absentia to learn about different types of Cancer and the fundraising efforts around them. We started at camp with an introduction to Cancer and the Relay for Life and the Relay for Life in Second Life, the latter of which raised $375,000 last year. The trip had special meaning to a lot of scouts who know people who have Cancer or they themselves have battled the disease.

Talking about Cancer and the Relay for Life at Camp

Leukemia display at Gardens of Absentia.

Breast Cancer Memorial.

Photography Merit Badge (2013-1-31)

Kyal updated the photography badge with some new places for us to take pictures and we all had plenty of shots on our  for our SL  “Feed” for everyone to see. We started off with a vintage street scene for some great outdoor and night time shots. At Angel Manor we tried some architecture shots and indoor scenes. Finally at Image Essentials we had some individual shots at various scenes.

Introducing scouts to the unappreciated feed.

Setting up some nighttime town shots.

Brady getting some closeups of Justin.

Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata and Livability House (2013-01-27)

Chris ran the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge at camp explaining person first language and all of the scouts participated in a exercise trying to navigate around a parking lot blind with only vocal help from a partner.  After the exercise we went over to Morrill State fair for the demo Liveability House that is was developed using principles of universal design for someone in a wheelchair.

Going over “person-first” language and using phrases like “person who uses a wheelchair” instead of “wheelchair person”

Vision Impaired Exercise.


Livability House at Morrill State Fair.

Cooking Merit Badge at Morrill State Fair (2013-01-20)

Teddy  took another group of scouts to the Morrill State Fair Dinner to learn about Food Safety for our Cooking Merit Badge. We started off the lesson at camp, where Teddy went over six foodbourne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli. At Morrill state fair we visited a diner and played food inspector collecting information about unsafe food handling. Unlike the last time we did  this badge most people seemed to have kept their appetite.

Teddy going over foodbourne illnesses at camp.

Getting our food inspector badges at Morrill State Fair

Inspecting the Diner Kitchen for many unsafe food handling issues.



Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge (2013-01-13)

The scouts who couldn’t attend the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge in December came to on a trip to the same place. Here are some pictures from that trip. We’re glad some of  the stuff we learned here was useful in the snowstorms that hit this week!


Some scouts dressed for winter, some not.

Lost in the middle of nowhere in winter!

Preparing our cars for winter driving weather.

Nuclear Science Merit Badge at Science School (2013-01-6)

The cubs and scouts revisited the Areva Nuclear Power Plant to earn their Nuclear Science Merit Badges. A lot of the of the scouts were concerned about the effects on  their health and Rin asked what superpowers he might get visiting the power plant. Chris told Rin “How could you get any more Super?”. After some funny references to the Simpsons and Chernobyl we learned about how the plant generates power. After a tour of the plant we headed over to a model of the  Fukishima Reactor where we calculated our yearly radiation dosage and learned about how much radiation might be lethal.


Worried about the effects of radiation?

Inside the Reactor Building

Generator Room where the steam is converted to electricity

Model of  the troubled Fukishima Reactor

Art Merit Badge at UD Gallery and the Cube (2013-01-03)

For the first meeting of  2013 Kyal introduced a new Merit Badge for Art. We wanted to start at the University of Delaware  Virtual Art Gallery that featured Andy Warhol, but the sim crashed upon our arrival. After meeting back at the hall we decided to split into two groups in case the sim went down again. One group started at the Cube gallery that has 2D and 3D works of art and the other went to the UD Gallery when it came back online. The snapshots by Warhol of some famous people like Wayne Gretzky were very interesting and at the end of the meeting Billy C. decided to get up on a podium and strike up some artistic poses. At the the end of the meeting we displayed some out our very own pieces of art back at the hall.

Ready to visit the galleries or crash a sim?

UD Art Gallery just before it went down

The Cube Art Gallery

Billy striking up a pose

Surfing Merit Badge at Crab Island (2012-12-09)

To have a break form the winter weather, the troop headed to a tropical area at the Crab Island sim. The weather was perfect for the scouts to learn surfing or to show their moves.
Teddy was courageous to go ahead of us and make sure no sharks were in the tropical waters at Crab Island. Once we got his signal we headed for the surf. It was a pleasant and very relaxing experience. And the SL sun was perfect so no sun burns.

Scouts waiting for Teddy to certify a shark free experience

Crab Island ready to receive the surfing scouts

Eric showing off some of his moves from his North Sea surfing

Weather Merit Badge at NOAA Meteora

With the recent storm that devastated parts of the  East Coast it’s evident predicting weather is important for our modern society. The scouts and cubs visited the NOAA sim to learn about different types of weather and how the National Weather Service predicts weather and monitors for severe conditions. There was a weather map showing all the major weather stations in the USA, a Tsunami Simulator, Climate Change Simulator and a Hurricane Plane Ride. In most of the exhibits we got our “Feet Wet” and learned a lot about weather!

Ready to explore Virtual NOAA Island.

Exploring the weather map of the continental USA and Alaska

Tucker and Aiden observing the ice caps melt

Learning about tsunami detection systems

Climbing Merit Badge at Cascade Hall and Pleasantville National Park (2012-11-18)

The positive lessons and skills developed through climbing are not always obvious: self-confidence, self-reliance, mental toughness, determination, and good judgment are just a few. Climbing tests your body and your mind.

The Outdoor Code states in part… I will do my best to:

Be clean in my outdoor manners.

I will treat the outdoors as a heritage.

I will take care of it for myself and others

I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways.

Be careful with fire.

Be considerate in the outdoors.

I will treat public and private property with respect.

I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping.

Chris taught us at Camp Kawabata how to safely climb an the tools used.  Then we went to Cascade Hall to learn the basics of SL climbing.  After we mastered this, we tried our skill at the Pleasantville National Park.  It was a beautiful sunny day and scouts had a great time reaching the top with only a few knee injuries.

Afterwards we headed to camp to welcome a new scout after the swear in ceremony.


Scouts at parking lot ready to learn how to climb


Eric showing his climbing skills at Cascade Hall


Scouts conquer the top of the Pleasantville National Park Peak


Chris swearing in a new scout at camp



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