1. What are the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of Second Life?

We are the largest and oldest scouting group in Second Life based at Camp Kawabata. While not connected to any real life scouting organization we promote the values of of scouting’s founder Sir Robert Baden Powell, including building character, citizenship, personal and group skills in Second Life. Our home sim Camp Kawabata is a full sim devoted to scouting activities including horseback riding, swimming, hiking, boating and campfire activities.


2. What do you do in scouts?

We do a lot of things you would expect a real life scouting group would do including working on merit badges like Aviation, Faith Awareness, Kayaking etc. Scouts also go on fun trips to theme parks or scenic sims for fun visits. If you weren’t a member in real life we hope to give you an experience of what if would have been like. If you were a member in your youth we hope Camp gives you as much fun as those memories. Official Scout meetings are held at minimum two times a week.

3. Who can join scouts?

Membership is open to all who wish to roleplay as childlike avatars. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, species, or sexual orientation.

Depending on the age you represent as your avatar, you can choose Cub Scouts (for younger kids) or Boy Scouts (for older kids). Adults are welcome for the roles of Scoutmasters, Den Mothers, or Park Rangers (with Admin approval) .

4. Can girls join too?

Since (at the time of this writing) we are unaware of any active Girl Scout groups in SL, we welcome girls to join as well. If you know of a Girl Scout group in SL, please tell us about it, we would be interested in sponsoring joint activities.

5. How much does it cost to join?

Uniforms are available from the Trading Post just across from the Lodge (The Main Camp Building). Cub Scouts wear the Blue Uniform (The Tiger Uniform is also included in this package) available for free. Boy Scouts wear the tan uniform with green pants available for $175. A free generic uniform is also available in the store for all sections.

6. How do I join?

Look on the notice board near the lodge to contact a leader. Feel free to use the contact panel or IM us directly. You will be required to repeat the Boy Scout Oath or Cub Scout Promise before you are admitted into the groups.

We can sign you up after you attend one of our meetings, they are Thursday 7 PM SLT and Sunday 1 PM SLT. Please contact a leader that you are planning to attend and want to join.

7. Why don’t my vehicles or other objects work at camp?

You must be in the Boy Scout Camp group to run scripts and rez objects at camp. Be sure to activate this group tag if you are going to build or run an object with a script.

8. Why do I need to be in uniform and change my group tag to be at meetings?

The meetings at camp at scheduled times are official scout activities and you need to be in uniform to attend. At minimum you must wear your cub/scout shirt. Members may op to wear their own pants/shorts as well as shoes and socks. Members must wear an official Scout Tag from BSSL/CSSL or Camp to show they are a member of our group.

9. How do I earn merit badges?

Merit Badges are earned at specific merit badge meetings, when you participate in the activity such as Aviation you are earning credit toward the badge, but you also must complete the Merit Badge Requirements notecard and send it back to the Merit Badge Counselor for that badge. There are also a number of Self Guided Merit Badges you can do on your own time, please ask one of the leaders about these.
10. Why can’t you run meetings earlier/later or geared toward another time zone?

Scout Leadership tries its best to serve to all members equally but many times we cannot satisfy everyone. We do our best to have meetings where most time zones can attend (North America/South American and Europe geared times) but we can only run these meetings when a leader is available and commit to the time long term.

11. Do I have to attend every meeting?

No, we do require that you attend at least two meetings a month to be considered an active member. If this is not possible do to real life time constraints or time zones please talk to a leader.

12. When do I get the badges i earned?

All badges are handed out during a Court of Honor ceremony. This is an important scout ceremony that we only do two to three times a year. We make a list everyone who has earned a badge and call you up by name to receive your badges. At the Court of Honor we also have quarterly awards for cubs and scouts. If you can’t make it to the ceremony we will hand the badges to you after the ceremony,

13. Another scout camp claims to be the biggest scout camp, are they affiliated?

Camp Kawabata believes not in only strength in numbers, but strength in building a group that fosters future leaders and living a life according to the Scout Law. We require all our new members to recite the Scout Oath or Cub Scout Promise when they join just as you would in real life.

With that in mind our only affiliated group is the WES Meerkat Scouts from Willowdale Elementary. Prospective members are free to join from any other group provided they meet the requirements and guidelines.