Shotgun Shooting & Zombie Defense Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata (2013-10-31)

Tonight Chris led the troop in working on two Halloween traditional merit badges.  The Shotgun Shooting and Zombie Defense Badges.

We started off at camp learning about how to use shotguns, as usual no self inflicted injuries were reported this year thankfully.  After getting our shotguns and s quick lesson on zombie survival we were invaded by Zombies at camp.  Chris call the troops to arms and the bloodbath started.  No words can describe the heroism and carnage inflicted on the zombies.  But by the end, nobody wanted to participate in a B-B-Q for weeks!

Chris teaching the scouts how to use weapons for self-defense. All gun safety was supervised by the NRA.

Scouts establish a line of defense and bring the army for support

Zombies attacking the camp!!!

Scouts (using their knowledge of the Shotgun Merit Badge) holding the zombies at bay!





Trick or Treating at Purgatory Sim (2013-10-27)

In addition to learning about the outdoors, Scouts participate in games and activities together to help build camaraderie and instill values of teamwork4 and good sportsmanship. Around Halloween, Scouts entertain with traditional Halloween activities that reinforce Cub Scout values and allow the boys to simply have fun.

Tonight to celebrate the Halloween festivities, the scouts took a break for working on merit badges and headed to get candy.  Candy revers were low already since the last Halloween, so Chris took the troop to the Purgatory sim (

Scouts scared around the sim trick or treating and getting spooked by the awesome Halloween decorations around.  It was an enjoyable night to hang around friends and continue this unique tradition.

It was a dark and foggy night (the start of a scary tale)

Halloween is confusing. Parents said, “Never take candy from strangers.” And then they tell the scouts, “Go beg for it.” So scouts knock on peoples doors and go, “Trick or treat.”

Scouts spotting a ghost!

Scouts becoming Ghost-busters





Mining Merit Badge at Institute Of Quarrying (2013-10-24)

The Mining merit badge was one of the original 57 merit badges issued by the Boy Scouts of America in 1911.  It was discontinued after 1937 and successfully resurrected in 2013 after the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) advocated for it for over a decade.

In SL this is one of our newest merit badges and some of the subject areas a Scout will have to understand are “. . . focus on the importance of mining and its key components of exploration, permitting, extraction, processing, production, safety and reclamation.”

On this lovely night Chris showed us a video of quarrying and how it is used in the various parts of our daily lives.  Then we headed to the Institute Of Quarrying ( and toured a huge mine.  We concluded the tour by trying to determine hazards at a maintenance building at the mine.  No scout was injured (despite the one who tasted the oil on the ground to see if it was oil).

Scouts at camp watching an educational video on mining

Troop observing mining operations. Watch both ways before venturing in the mine!

Scouts at the bottom of the pit refilling their water bottles

Scouts doing a surprise safety inspection. Note all scouts wore hard hats!




Horsemanship Merit Badge at Aero Pines Park (2013-10-20)

Scout Law #6: A scout is a friend to animals

In addition to learning how to safely ride and care for horses, Scouts who earn this merit badge will gain an understanding of the instincts and behaviors of horses and humane and effective methods for training horses.

At Camp Cawabata we learned the main parts of a horse and the various breeds of horses and their advantages.

Afterwards, we went for a lovely horse ride at Aero Pines Park (  It was a relaxing trip with awesome sightseeing at this sim.

Chris teaching scouts the various parts of a horse

Scouts choosing their horses. Some of us brought along our branding irons

Horse riding thru awe striking places. Sometimes the tired horses were riding the scouts to get a break




Pottery Merit Badge at Cascade Hall (2013-10-17)

Tonight Chris guided us working on the requirements for a brand new merit badge, the Pottery Merit Badge. We met and worked on this merit badge at our Cascade Hall (

The Pottery merit badge provides an introduction to pottery making, enabling Scouts to gain skill and understanding from actually creating pottery. Completing the requirements included two videos on the history and making of pottery and hands-on production of a work of art, from start to finish.

We learned about pottery and used a pottery wheel to craft something everyone took home. The pottery wheel gave us a very RL experience in making a pottery and we were able to showcase our work at the end of the meeting.

Scouts gather around Chris for instructions on Pottery making

No! not a sweat shop. It was an hands on experience

Scout showcasing their finished products




Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge at Camp Kawabata and LivAbility House (2013-10-13)

Tonight Chris taught the scouts about disabilities by asking the scouts to participate in a exercise trying to navigate around a parking lot blind with only vocal help from a partner.  After the exercise we went over to the LiveAbility House at Virtual State Fair ( to understand all the various options to accommodate a person with disabilities to live a full life independent and with dignity.

Scouts gather around Chris as he explains about disabilities

Scouts experience what it is being visually impaired

Scouts explore the LiveAbility House



Hiking Merit Badge at Misty Mountains (2013-10-10)

Hiking is a terrific way to keep your body and mind in top shape, both now and for a lifetime. Walking packs power into your legs and makes your heart and lungs healthy and strong. Exploring the outdoors challenges you with discoveries and new ideas. Your senses will improve as you use your eyes and ears to gather information along the way.

Tonight Chris took us on a hiking trip to Misty Mountains ( to work on our newest merit badge at camp.

It was an exciting trip with a lot of sightseeing and awe  inspiring canyons.  We got a few blisters but it was nothing compared to the experience of fresh SL air.

Scouts gather their gear for the hike

Scouts arriving at the park and checking they carry enough water

Scouts exploring huge caverns and playing with the echo

Taking a break atop a cliff

Chris counting the scouts to make sure none left behind





Cooking Merit Badge at Morrill State Fair (2013-10-06)

Chris  took the scouts to the Morrill State Fair Dinner ( to learn about Food Safety for our Cooking Merit Badge. We started off the lesson at camp, where Teddy went over six foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli. At Morrill state fair we visited a diner and played food inspector collecting information about unsafe food handling.

After this lesson, scouts decided to skip dinner at the fast food places (for at least a day or so).

Chris instructing the scouts on the food-borne illnesses

Scouts inspecting the correct temp of that delicious chicken

Scouts calling in the local authorities for food contamination violations, thus saving the town from getting sick

Yay! welcome our newest two scouts!




Scout Fun Trip to Discovery Park (2013-10-03)

Tonight Justin led the scouts on a fun trip to Discovery Amusement Park (

Being a SL kid can be hard on its own. Adding being a scout and social life to that can be insane if you don’t know how to balance it.  So after a long time of hard work on badges, the scouts took a fun recreational trip to Discovery.

Justin gather the troop to head off to have fun at Discovery

Scouts on the Space mountain screaming like little girls

Scouts having fun

Scouts exhausted after a fun time at Discovery





First Aid Merit Badge at Cascade Hall, Camp Kawabata (2013-09-29)

First aid – caring for injured or ill persons until they can receive professional medical care – is an important skill for every Scout. With some knowledge of first aid, a Scout can provide immediate care and help to someone who is hurt or who becomes ill. First aid can help prevent infection and serious loss of blood. It could even save a limb or a life.

Chris took us to the Cascade Hall and shows us basic First Aid information as well as we got to see the inside of ambulances and learned about CPR.

Chris teaching the troop First Aid

The scouts had plenty of bandages for the training

Scouts getting their First Aid gear ready

Scouts practicing CPR. All required to chew a mint before the CPR started

Scouts reading the details on how to perform CPR properly





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