RP Guidelines

Roleplay Guidelines for:
Tiger Cubs of Secondlife
Cub Scouts of Secondlife
Boy Scouts of Secondlife
Visitors to Camp Kawabata


Events, activities and meetings held by the above mentioned groups within secondlife are considered to be “light roleplay”. This means that roleplaying as a tiger, cub or scout takes place but being Out of Character is allowed and expected.

Behavior Guidelines:

There aren’t too many rules at camp but these simple guidelines need to be followed by all avatars.

* The Tiger, Cub and Scout Law and Promise are the laws and rules of our camp. Please abide by them at all time.

* Please follow all directions of your Denner or scout leadership while at camp. They are there to keep camp safe and ensure its proper use.

* When at camp or on official scouting activities the uniform is your scout uniform. Wear it with pride. Casual camp appropriate clothes such as jeans, t-shirts and hoodies are acceptable during casual meetups at camp.

* Tigers, Cubs and Scouts should play an age and gender appropriate charicter for the section of scouting they join. Diapers, baby talk and spammy children gestures are discouraged.

* Camp and Scouting in SL is PG. That means people who join should not be in any visable groups that contain or depict overt sexualy behavior, sexual ageplay or nudity.

* No sexual bahavior should be displayed or engaged in while at camp or on an official scouting activity.